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            Bless Online OBT Screenshots Preview
            Today, a plenty of in-game screenshots of Open Beta have been teased giving us a glimpse of it. What a splendid world! If it not for the IP block, I will definitely immerse myself in this beautiful world for a whole day.
            Bless Online OBT Screenshots Preview
            Preview Moonlight Blade New Costumes for...
            Many beautiful costumes will be added in the upcoming Moonlight Blade Online’s new patch. Some of them have already been unveiled. In the picture below, we can clearly find the five venoms receive a brand-new outfit with traditional Miao nationality’s elements.
            Preview Moonlight Blade New Costumes for All Classes
            Beautiful Christmas Cosplay Collection
            Hey mmositers~ though the Christmas has gone, there are a lot of christmas-themed cosplays which we haven't showed for you. Now let's enjoy them below.
            Beautiful Christmas Cosplay Collection
            Fantastic Christmas Cosplay Collection-Part...
            Can you imagine how funny that Doom plays the role as Santa Claus and Maokai acts as the Christmas tree? The part 2 Collection will definitely keep things jolly this winter, check them out.
            Fantastic Christmas Cosplay Collection-Part II

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