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Name: Wu Shuang Pen Name: azazel1944
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Born in 1981 in Chongqing Province of China, Wu Shuang graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2005, majoring in animation. He has been engaged in film art design and worked as art designer for the hit movie The Assembly directed by the renowned Chinese director Feng Xiao Gang. In addition, he has the experience of working as illustration teacher in college and as well as an illustrator. He is also a comic fanatic, and currently he is a freelance cartoonist devoting to creating popular comics and cartoon strips.
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Azazel1944 New Fanart 3

Azazel1944 New Fanart 2

Azazel1944 New Fanart 1


Little Rich Girl Shirley

Ceos Ran

Shirley - The Shadow of Zolder concept

Rosalind Wintermere - The Shadow of Zolder concept

Deep Moore - The Shadow of Zolder concept
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