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BnB is a casual online game developed by Korea-based Nexon targeted at the home user base. Unlike most online games which often occupy several hundred megabytes of hard disk space, BnB only occupies 18MB of your precious hard disk space. In addition, it¡¯s innovative that BnB can be played by two gamers on a single computer at the same time. This unique design satisfies many families¡¯ requirement and increases intimacy between family members. The game is easy to control. Control direction with an arrow key, place bubble with the space key and use special item with the ctrl key. Six keys are enough for you to control the game. In BnB, there are 8 major characters and two hidden characters. Cartoon style characters, plus diversified items, accessories and emotes make BnB a favorite of female gamers. BnB is the only online game that wins the title of "female game".
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