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The Age of Conan RPG is officially one of the fastest selling PC games ever. Age of Conan sales figures indicate more than 400,000 copies in a week, it even beats the pre-order sales for World of Warcraft#DY#s first launch week.
Funcom#DY#s MMORPG takes players to the Hyborian Age, a fictional time and place created by American author Robert E. Howard. With its eye-gasmic graphics, mind-blowing sounds, offering of diverse and unique gameplay experiences, clever and thoughtful design, and story-telling that would make Robert E. Howard himself proud of this production, Age of Conan is set to be a mammoth MMORPG.

A batch of high quality wallpapers has been added in our gallery. Enjoy them below and choose one to decorate your desktop. More latest screenshots are in Age of Conan Gallery.

Age of Conan Wallpaper

Age of Conan Wallpaper


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