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In Silkroad Online there are two distinct races, Chinese and European.

The former race has the ability to use health and magic potions at a quicker pace, though a feature of the latter that will be discussed in the future does balances this. Chinese characters also have five weapon styles to choose from, one being the glaive. Its users tend to improve their strength rather than their magic powers.

The latter has six possible classes to choose from. One of these, the Warrior, employs a close-ranged fighter#DY# s style of play, using the heaviest European armor, and the ability to use any of three weapon setups-two-handed sword, one-handed sword with shield, and dual axes. Each of these enables certain abilities.

Let#DY# s check some nice screenshots about these two races. More latest wallpapers are in Silkroad Gallery.

Silkroad Online Screenshot

Silkroad Screenshot (Click here for full image)

More Silkroad Online Photos

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