What Will Pandaren Female Look Like in Mist of Pandaria

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Our editor has already put out a photo news about the Pandaren Female, which is still in designing process. As a WoW player, I'm curious about this new race and the new class as well as the other players. I found a very hot discussion thread in MMO-Champion's forum, its title is 'Pandaren Female?'. A large number of game players have posted pictures about this theme, and I just made a collection of them.

The first two seem to be released by Blizzard, someone said that the left one may be the Pandaren Female. But, are you kidding me? There are no differences except their clothing.

Picture 3 to 6 are 'Pandarens' from other MMO games - Wakfu and TERA (Red Panda).

The rest are fan artworks of WoW's Pandaren Female, which do you prefer? If you have designed or seen some Pandaren Female concept artworks which are your favourite, please paste the urls in comments below this article!

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WoW, Starcraft and Diablo - Cosplay Stage at Blizzcon 2011

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