Cosplayer Interview: Gorgeous Korean Coser SAIDA

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What do you think of cosplaying? Do you like cosers who devote themselves to cosplaying?

As to me, I think the world of Cosplay is amazing and cosers always give us surprise!So it’s my great honor to have the opportunity to interview SAIDA, the Korean cosplayer who love cosplaying to show her appreciation for awesome characters.

Before we start, here are some cosplay works for you to know about Saida.



Q1: Hello, Saida. Could you please tell us a little introduction of yourself to make more readers know about you? Hello, I’m from Southkorea. Please call me Saida! I enjoy cosplay as a hobby and I really love onepiece serie! Nice to meet you all!



Q2: What inspired you to start cosplaying? Did some special things happen?

I visited an animation convention when I was young (It was more than 10 years ago!). It was the first time when I knew about cosplay because cosplay was not popular in Korea at that time. My mom suggested me to have a try and I also thought it was interesting so I began cosplaying!



Q3: We know you have played a series of awesome characters. So which is your favorite?

And is there any other characters you’d like to add to your portfolio in the future? Onepiece serie is my favorite and my favorite photo is Nico robin and Baby 5 cosplay. What’s more, I also love Diseny series so I have played the character of Judy Hopps cosplay of Zootopia! I plan to cosplay Monet in onepiece in the future. She is a beautiful harpy, so I am finding ways to make it natural and pretty well!




Q4: Did you have any hard moments or difficulties in cosplaying? What kept you from giving up and how did you conquer them?

Of course sometimes I feel tired when I have to make some big and difficult props! But cosplaying is not just a job to me. I enjoy it and I choose what I like to be my job! So the passion keep me holding on!

Q5: What does it feel like when you finally complete a Cosplay and show it off at a convention?

Most of the time I feel really great about having completed making costumes and showing them at conventions! I have to say it again that I really enjoy it!





Q6: Do you make your own costumes? How long does it generally take to create a costume?

Yes I make most of my costumes myself. It depends on difficulty in making costumes. It generally takes 2~7 days!

Q7: Outside of cosplaying, do you have some other hobbies?

I love playing the violin and learning foreign language. My major is German, so sometimes I read German articles. And l also love taking a walk with my old dog. Of course I love watching Animation and Playing game too!




Q8: If someone is new to Cosplay,what are some advises that you can give?

Enjoying is best! Don't feel pressured.

Q9: Alright last question I want to ask a big one. You have an exquisite face so someone doubted that you did cosmetic surgery. How do you think these negative evaluation?

I never did any surgery. People can contrast my photos with my families’ on my SNS before. And you’ll find that my face is totally same with my mother’s! I’m the doppelganger of my mom! Actually I have to make up with eyelashes, highlight, wig and big color lens when I cosplay some characters. That’s the reason why I looks so exquisite.



We'd like to thank Saida for her time on the subject. We wish her the very best moving forward and hope to see more of her works in the future. If you liked this interview be sure to follow Saida’s page on Facebook.

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