MMOsite Morning Call: Monthly Cosplay Highlight [Episode 2]

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Morning, dear MMOsiters! Welcome to our MMOsite Morning Call: Monthly Cosplay Highlight collection. As usual, we prepared you with lots of amazing cosplay works from games, comics and movies in this month. You will find cosplay shows of Overwatch, League of Legends, NieR:Automata, Onmyoji, Final Fantasy, etc. Enjoy the show! And if you are a cosplayer and willing to share your cosplay works with our readers, send them here: community@mmosite.com.


NieR:Automata by Giu Hellsing

LOL Jinx by AgosAshford


Kisaragi Louis; by SAIDA Cosplay                                 FFXV Lunafreya by Shiro Cosplay


Sexy naruto by Kayla Erin                                              Lighting cosplay by Alyson Tabbitha

Wonder Woman by Alyson Tabbitha


Underwatch Mercy by Stella Chuu 

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