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At the beginning of time, the ancient God Pan Gu has divided the world into the realms of Heaven, Earth and Human. However, there are many monsters which caused chaos in the human realms. The chaos is ceased when Da Yu created nine Sacred Urns that stabilize the essence of nature to protect the human realm. Since then, mankind started the dynasty of Shang Zhou. However, at the end of Shang Dynasty, Emperor Zhou decided to forge the Urns into coins. This has caused the essence of nature to scattered all over the land and the same happened to China where the country was divided in chaos again. When the essences gathered around Jade He after 5 or 6 centuries, Qin Emperor became the owner of the Jade and ruled the land as the sole ruler again. Since then, Jade He became the heirloom and symbol of the emperor for more than 800 years until the Jade is destroyed in the battle after the fall of Tang Dynasty.
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