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Kick off's character setting combines realistic elements with comic style. Players can choose to be FW, MF or DF. Through training and playing matches, the character's speed, strength, ability to shoot will enhance. Players will mainly display such techniques as shooting, passing, deceptive movement and tackling. Players' judgment and keyboard control play an important role in winning. In addition to regular matches, Kick Off also allows watch mode and league matches and support 3 on 3, 5 on 5 modes. Goalkeeper can choose either artificial intelligent mode or user mode.
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Kickoff screenshot 20 - DRAGBA xD

Kickoff screenshot 19 - The Best Game

Kickoff screenshot 18 - Kiba Scoring

Kickoff screenshot 17 - TEAMWORK Paid Off!

Kickoff screenshot 16 - Best Scoreing Move

Kickoff screenshot 15 - Regga Circle

Kickoff screenshot 14 - Taunting

Kickoff screenshot 13 - Defense? Defense!

Kick Off screenshot 12
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