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Nos stands for Nomads of Silver Spirit and Nostale is the story of an adventure that takes place on East Mile, the continent of Nos.Nostale is an RPG based on 'growth and possession' in a cartoonish world, and it employs its own unique style of play.You will be introduced to a lovely world that is friendly yet distinctive and you'll be able to meet other gamers and forge friendships as you play.
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New Milano - Nostale screenshot 155

New Milano - Nostale screenshot 154

Milano before - Nostale screenshot 153

Milano before - Nostale screenshot 152

New MorningPrairie - Nostale screenshot 151

New Westmine - Nostale screenshot 150

New MorningPrairie - Nostale screenshot 148

New EntranceTemple - Nostale screenshot 147

New LeftareaMtKrem - Nostale screenshot 146
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