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Scions of Fate currently has servers in Japan,China,Taiwan ,and Thailand and has been recieving rave from the MMORPG community.Since the opening to up until now,Scions of Fate has logged more than 35 million users and even now has more than 600,000 concurrent online users.Scions of Fate is a game that incorporates adorable animations with stunning combat visuals to create a game that is both fun,and easy to play.While there are surpringly complex skills, Scions of Fate incorporates a simple control system that allows even the most inexperienced players to get the most out of the game.
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Yulgang (Scions of Fate) screenshot 29

Yulgang (Scions of Fate) screenshot 28

Yulgang (Scions of Fate) screenshot 27

Scions of Fate screenshot 26

Scions of Fate screenshot 25

Scions of Fate screenshot 24

Scions of Fate screenshot 23

Scions of Fate screenshot 22

Scions of Fate screenshot 21
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