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We are Fed up with too many FPS games. Have you ever imagined of a bit more special FPS game? Is there any FPS prettier, cuter and more dramatic? Have you ever found a FPS enjoyable for everybody? Here is the answer for you. It is a casual FPS, Supa Supa! A FPS game, Supa Supa starring pretty and cute characters. Hunting monsters in a fantastic world! War modes on various maps! Dramatic confrontations based on numerous techniques! Supa Supa, a blockbuster in the on-line game stronghold of Korea, is finally launching a global service.
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me vs WarChild

Ikaraus: 6666 Kill

One to one


Sniper Atack

Special Attack

Atacking a UFO (Unkow Flying Object)

Admin Sighting ?

Aribo dessert and super attack
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